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uWx is a crowd-sourcing pressure app built and designed by atmospheric scientists at the University of Washington. Due to time constraints uWx is no longer actively maintained. Nevertheless, you can read about the science behind the app in our journal publication: Smartphone Pressure Collection and Bias Correction Using Machine Learning. To learn about the impact smartphone pressures can have on real-world forecasts see our latest publication: Impacts of assimilating smartphone pressure observations on forecast skill during two case studies in the Pacific Northwest

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Current Weather

Our app presents a realtime look at a variety of meteorological variables from temperature, wind, and pressure to humidity, cloud cover, and precip.

Worldwide Forecasts

Wondering what the weather is like in Antarctica, Havana, or Beijing? uWx can tell you! Use our searchbar to easily search for weather forecasts and current conditions at any location on the planet.

Smartphone Pressures

Take a look at pressures collected by your phone. Calibrate your device and learn about your sensor's bias. See the uncertainty of your observations change as you move above or below ground.

Application Features

5-Day Forecasts

Looking forward to the weekend ahead? Look at interactive charts of low/high temperatures and view text forecasts of precip probabilities to see if you'll be basking in the sun or catching up on some reading indoors.


Planning a quick getaway or a family vacation? Search for your destination and view monthly climatologies of precip and sunshine duration to determine when you should use those vacation days.

Satellite and Radar

Planning your departure for work in an attempt to avoid the rain? Check out our simple radar loops to determine an optimal departure time.

Wondering if the sun will ever come out? Loop through the latest satellite imagery to find out!

Pressure Data

Take a detailed look at time-series of pressure observations from your device. Calibrate your phone's barometer to see your sensor's bias. See fluctuations in pressure associated with weather phenomena such as fronts, gusts, and storms. View a live pressure feed on the app home page.

About uWx What our app is really about

Our Research

When weather models are run observations are used to constrain and adjust the forecasts they produce so that ultimately model forecasts are closer to reality. The more observations that are used to constrain and adjust weather models the better the forecasts tend to be. At present there are several thousand surface weather stations contributing observations to weather models within the US. We estimate that there are well over 100 million smartphones (in the US alone) capable of measuring atmospheric pressure. Pressure observations from a small fraction of these phones could substantially improve the density and temporal frequency of weather observations across the US. By incorporating smartphone pressures into weather models we hypothesize that improvements in short-term forecasts could be achieved. By downloading uWx you can help us test this hypothesis and become a part of the first-generation of mobile weather observing networks!

User Privacy

If you'd like to know more about what type of data uWx collects and how uWx secures that data please see our easy to read, jargon free privacy policy